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Patti Likes Guys

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Lesbian Doll

This song, like Firecracker, was co-written with Stephen O'Rourke as part of the rock musical Love Sucks: A Punk Rock Musical. Patti, lead singer of an all girl punk rock band called the Guttersnipes, has convinced the rest of her band members to make a pact that they will never sleep with a guy more than three times. But everyone except Patti falls in love, and wants to retract the rule. Their plan? Try and get Patti together with Big Joe, the lead singer of the Molotovs, in the hopes that if they get all mooshy for each other, the rule can get repealed without the three girls getting accused of being weak and unable to hold up their end of the bargain. The problem? Big Joe thinks Patti is a lesbian. This song is featured when the three girls sneak into a laundromat where Big Joe is doing laundry. They act like they don't notice he is there, and start gossiping about Patti, knowing that Joe can hear them.

April 2011


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