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H.I.A.B.A.M.I.G - album notes

The album was mixed and produced by Dan Cantor at Notable, except for The Queen and the Potter, mixed by Mark Alan Miller at Slaughterhouse, and That's All I Need, recorded live at Underhill Downs.

Cover art by Sierra Murphree (who also did cover art for Underhill Downs and the front art for Should Confusion).

Guitar and bass and vocals by Brandon Patton unless otherwise noted. The Pearly Gates was Patton's apartment in New Haven, CT in 2011.

Mixed Up Modern Family (Patton)

Recorded at the Pearly Gates
Drums: Dan Cantor (recorded at Notable)

Munching The Cooch (Patton / Sokol)

Recorded at Notable.
Background vocals: Dan Cantor, Alex Allinson, Akhil Gopal
Upright Bass, Trumpet and Trombone: Akili Jamal Haynes
Clarinet: Matt Steckler
Piano: Josh Kantor
Drums: Dan Cantor
Lyrics: Dia Sokol came up with the refrain and "lick me where I bleed," Dan Cantor suggested "nose deep in the front bum." I wrote the rest.

My Girlfriend was Kidnapped by Aliens (Patton)

Recorded at Notable
Drums: Dan Cantor

Patti Likes Guys (Patton / O'Rourke)

Recorded in Mike Birnbaum's home studio. Mixed at Notable
Drums: Mike Birnbaum
Music by Brandon Patton and lyrics by Stephen O'Rourke and Brandon Patton. Written for O'Rourke's play "Love Sucks: A Punk Rock Musical."

Private Jet (Patton)

Recorded at Notable
Drums: Dan Cantor
Accordion: Josh Kantor
Slacker background vocal on chorus: Dan Cantor

The Queen and the Potter (Patton / Marcelli)

Recorded at Slaughterhouse
Drums: Greg Throne
Recorder and Flute: Matt Steckler
Electric guitars: Brandon Patton and Anand Nayak
Classical guitar: Rico Marcelli
Guillotine sound by Glaneur de sons at
Rico wrote the classical guitar part and shared it with me. I added the big rock chorus and the song melody and lyrics. Matt and Anand improvised their parts. Mark Alan Miller assembled the sound effects in the background.

Big in Japan (Patton)

Recorded at Notable
Drums: Dan Cantor
Damian Hess suggested "the sun would rise but never set."

That's All I Need (Patton / O'Rourke)

Recorded at Underhill Downs
Vocals by Brandon Patton and Rachel Clift
Written for Stephen O'Rourke's play "Love Sucks: A Punk Rock Musical."

Would You Take A Bullet For Me (Patton)

Recorded at the Pearly Gates
Drum programming by Brandon Patton
Harmonica by Dan Cantor (recorded at Notable)

Ketchup and Mayo (Patton)

Recorded live at Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles as part of Jukebox Stories
Bass overdub by Brandon Patton at the Pearly Gates
Drum overdub by Dan Cantor (recorded at Notable)

Kate, That's Great (Patton)

Recorded at Notable
Trumpet: Akili Jamal Haynes
Upright Bass: Jesse Flack
Drums: Dan Cantor

Indier Than Thou (MC Frontalot parody by Brandon Patton)

Recorded at the Pearly Gates
That's my voice, processed with effects
Drums: Dan Cantor (recorded at Notable)
Most of the lyrics are similar to the original. Hear the original here.

How I Allegedly Bit A Man In Gloucestershire (Patton)

Recorded live at Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles
Guitar and lead vocal overdubs recorded at the Pearly Gates
Additional audience shouting overdubs added by the patrons at Baby Grand karaoke bar in New York City, and scientists at the Yale University Cell Biology wine and cheese.

Additional notes:

Assistant engineering by Eric Olmsted
Notable interns: Daniel Jimenez, Alex Allinson, Akhil Gopal
Ricketts (the cat pictured on the inside panel of the album) is represented by Galaxy & Outlaw. There is also a picture of BL4k Lotus performing in Tucson, costumed as an alien by Red Ant.

Special thanks to Prince Gomolvilas for feedback on these songs and for putting Jukebox Stories shows together, which gave me a setting in which to workshop many of these songs.